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Question: Can I submit a video from a competition last year?

Answer: Yes! Videos can be from competitions or training at home.

Question: I'm not jumping my horse/pony at the moment. How can I enter?

Answer: Videos do not need to taken especially for our competition, so feel free to submit videos of previous competitions or training.

Question: I can't upload my video to YouTube. Is there another way for me to enter?

Answer: Yes. You can upload your video to Instagram, then include the link to that on your entry form. Or you can email your video to You will still need to submit an entry form via our website, but please write 'emailing' in the Video Link section. 

Question: Does it matter if you can hear my instructor talking in my video?

Answer: Not at all. It might make it more interesting for the judges!

Question: I'd love to enter but only have a couple of jumps at home. What should I do?

Answer: The judges would like to see you jump at least 6 fences, but these can be using the same fence. Try to plan your course so you can jump the fences from each direction multiple times and include some changes of rein. You will not be penalised for only having a few jumps!

Question: Can I enter more than one class?

Answer: Yes! You can enter as many classes as you wish. Each class you enter gives you an extra chance to get through to the final.

Question: I don't jump very high with my horse/pony. Will I get less style marks than someone jumping bigger?

Answer: The height of the fences won't be taken into account at all by the judges. Jumps may be any height, even poles on the ground!


Question: I'm 16 but ride horses. Which section should I enter?

Answer: Our classes are based purely on age of rider, so if you are 16 you will fall into the junior categories. Senior classes are for those aged 17+.

Question: When does the competition close?

Answer: The competition closes on Friday 19th June at 17:00.

Question: I don't think I'm very stylish but would love to be sponsored by you. Is there another way for me to get into the final?

Answer: We will be awarding wildcards to riders who don't get into the final but show effort and enthusiasm for Jumps2go. Wildcards will enable riders to progress directly to the final, irrespective of their style mark or placing.

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