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To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are running a series of online competitions. The
competitions will culminate with a final that will see a Superstar crowned and win a Jumps2go jump

and sponsorship package!



There will be 7 classes to choose from and you may enter as many classes as you wish. To enter, you must submit a short, unedited video of yourself jumping a course of 6-10 fences. The videos can be taken whilst training at home or in competition and your round will be judged on style and suitability for the class (more information available in the rules below). Placings will be given 1st-6th in each class and all 6 will qualify for their section championship, where 5 riders from each section will be selected to progress to the final. Additionally, there will be ‘wildcards’ available, which will be awarded to entrants who don’t necessarily place in their class or qualify for the final, but show effort and enthusiasm for Jumps2go. These wildcard riders will progress straight to the final. All finalists will then be set an additional task, before the Superstar is chosen.



Working Hunter

Class 1) Working Hunter

Open to all horses exceeding 148cm (14.2hh).

Class 2) Working Hunter Pony

Open to all ponies not exceeding 158cm (15.2hh).

Class 3) M&M Working Hunter Pony

Open to all Mountain & Moorland  breeds.


Show Jumping

Class 4) Show Jumping Junior

Open to riders aged 16 or under, riding any height horse/pony.

Class 5) Show Jumping Senior

Open to riders aged 17 or over, riding any height horse/pony.



Class 6) Eventing Junior

Open to riders aged 16 or under, riding any height horse/pony.

Class 7) Eventing Senior

Open to riders aged 17 or over, riding any height horse/pony.



- Follow Jumps2go on Facebook and/or Instagram

- Upload your video to YouTube*

- Put your name, the horse's name and the class in the video description

- Enter via the entry form on our website (you can enter as many classes as you like)

- Carefully copy and paste the link to your YouTube video with your entry

- Entry Fee: £6 per class

- Closing date for entries: Friday 19th June 2020 at Midnight.

- Videos will be accepted up until midnight on Sunday 21st June, but you MUST have made an entry via the website by Friday 19th June. If doing this, please put 'www.emailing' in the video link section and email your video link to by Sunday night.

- Class winners announced 23/06/20-25/06/20. Finalists announced 26/06/20.


*YouTube is the preferred method for our judges, but if you can't you may upload your video to Instagram and include the link to it on your entry form. Alternatively, please email your video to You will still need to fill in an entry form via our website but please put 'emailing' in the video link section.



- All entrants will receive a rosette and feedback on their round(s) which will be posted to them.

- Rosettes to 6th place in each class. Classes will be split if entries warrant.

- Rosettes for all finalists.

- Additional prizes in kind.

- Jumps2go jump and sponsorship for the winner of the final.

- Jumps2go multi-function arrowhead and branded merchandise for the Reserve Champion in the final.


Jumps2go Superstar Sponsorship

The winner of the Jumps2go Search for a Superstar final will receive;

- Jumps2go Jump (Choice of Working Hunter Bridge or Chevron Show Jump)

- Jumps2go branded clothing

- Jumps2go branded horse gear

- Jumps2go discount



  • All entrants are required to submit a short, unedited video of themselves and their horse/pony jumping a course of jumps either training at home or in competition.

  • Jumps may be coloured or rustic and there must be 6-10 jumping efforts. Jumps may be jumped more than once and can be any height (including poles on the ground).

  • Videos MUST be unedited, flowing with no cuts and have sound. They should show the whole horse in the video at all times.

  • Riders do not need to be dressed in show attire but must be wearing safe riding gear and hats to current safety standards. Body protectors are recommended. Horses should wear suitable tack for the relevant discipline.

  • Horse & rider combination may only enter once per class, but can enter as many classes as they wish. Riders may enter multiple horses in the same class. Horses/ponies may enter with different riders. Lead-rein allowed.

  • Rider age taken from their age on the day the competition closes - 19/06/20.

  • Videos will be judged on rider and horse style and suitability for their chosen discipline. The judge’s decision is final.

  • Marks will be deducted if rules are not adhered to.

View our full terms and conditions here


Do you still have a question? Read our frequently asked questions here.



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